Shopping Party Overview

What's a Shopping Party?

These are intimate events hosted at the comfort of the host's home. Thando's shopping parties are an opportunity for hosts to earn money while sharing the Thando's brand and products with ladies in your community.

Hosts have the ability to earn commissions based upon the size of their event, eligibility for giveaways, and are always the first to know what is new at Thando's!

Our shopping parties are a fun way to experience our story and products with others. They also allow her and the girls in your community to have a wonderfully positive experience buying their first bras in a comfortable atmosphere at their very own pace.  Our entire line will be available as well, so you can try on for size, fit and find the color that works best for her!

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to earn money? Do you love Thando's and our mission?  Would you like to have fun and spend time with cool people? If so, we are looking for you!

Gross sales - $ 1,000 - $ 2000 earn 10% commission
Gross sales - $ 2,000+ earn 20% commission

Why Join the #TEAMTHANDOS?

  • Opportunity to support talented artists and social causes in Africa
  • Earn money while you are having fun

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